Friday, August 7, 2009

party time!

Well, I think we can call the party a success. It was one of the best attended so far, and it was great to see so many of our family, and friends old and new. First there was fun in the pool:
Then eating - that's chocolate cupcakes with a choice of white, peanut butter or chocolate icing; and 12 candles for Lizi, 4 for Lydia.
Party games? Didn't plan any, but we did have some extra balloons. We put them out in the empty floor space, and of course kids know what to do with them.
And the "un-gift" table - once again, the girls asked guests to bring school supplies to be donated to needy children, instead of gifts.
And here they are, all sorted and ready to go - a pretty good haul! This year we gave the supplies to a teacher friend of ours, who was thrilled. She assures us there are many local children who can use these. Thanks everyone!


Amy said...

WE had a great time, Kim! Thanks!

Kim said...

Oh, we're so glad you came! Hope you can come back next year!

Sarah said...

Happy Lydia day today!
Love you!