Tuesday, June 16, 2009

two good finds

The first good find is my hubby, who is celebrating his birthday today. You make 37 look gooood, sweetie!

And here's the second: I found this little dress, unfinished, at a yard sale recently. It's big through the top and also on the short side, so to wear out it will need an undershirt and maybe leggings. But it's fine for around the house just like this.

The seam at the waist was a little rough, so I neatened it up a bit. Not as much as I'd like, but the stitches are microscopic and very hard to pick out. I also hemmed it.
And added buttons and buttonholes.
It's very girly,
and very twirly.
Take a bow!
I may have to make many more; it's too cute!

If you'd like the knitting pattern for the hat, it's still available in the Artfire shop.


maya | springtree road said...

very cute! doesn't look too short to me, though. :)

Kim said...

Thanks! And yes, it doesn't look that short in these photos because of the angle, but IRL it only comes to about mid-thigh. :O Don't know what child it was made to fit, but oh well. Thinking of maybe taking one of her too-short pairs of jeans and putting a ruffle around the bottom to go with?

Sarah said...

The dress is ALMOST as cute as the little girl wearing it. But not quite. :)

Way to salvage Kim!
I wonder why is it so much more satisfactory when we rescue something and make something out of it, than just buying something off a rack and paying a lot of money for it?