Thursday, August 21, 2008

Retirement gift

We have been at New Life for nine years now. On and off (mostly on) during that time, I have served in the nursery at least once a month, sometimes weekly. Recently we decided it was time for me to take another break. So at the last nursery meeting, our most excellent nursery coordinator Sylvia presented me with this:I think it takes a true friend to know that I prefer a bouquet of yarn over flowers any day! That's 6 skeins of Lily Sugar 'n Cream in 3 different colors. And then she topped it off with THIS:

A very extravagant Hobby Lobby gift card! WOO HOO!

Just wanted to show it off before it's disassembled. Maybe I should have retired a long time ago! (not really). Thank you, nursery people!


Amy said...

Wow! What a beautiful and thoughtful gift of appreciation. We all know we do what we do for the Lord, but it's nice to be appreciated here on earth every once in a while, too, isn't it? : )

Sarah said...

It's beautiful!
(And an appropriate gift for such a beautiful soul.)

little dresses said...

I haven't been here in a while because I'm a big fat loser and I still haven't posted the award you gave me :( But I couldn't stand the pressure anymore so I camehere to confess:

When I got back from the beach I was working everyday (for at least 8 hours) on finishing that pattern because the distributor was breathing down my neck (not really but I felt bad that I had promised something that was taking much longer than I thought to finish). Then when I got that all done I had a TON of orders to fill, pre-orders, wholesale, distributor, and what was coming in everyday in my shop. Now I have been struggling with a killer kidney infection since Thursday and I'm taking antibiotics every 4 hours (I HATE ANTIBIOTICS!!!) and it makes me feel so yucky. Did I mention the morning sickness? Yeah, it's worse than I have ever had before. On one hand I THANK GOD for good signs of pregnancy; and on the other hand I'm counting the days to 12 weeks!

So there is my big fat, not good enough, loser excuse for waiting so long to post my wonderful award. Please forgive me!! I'm usually not like this! I have just had way too much on my plate the last few weeks, but I plan to slow things down a bit feels good to just type that.

Do you still like me? I love you....