Monday, July 19, 2010

needle organizer

Recently my dear mama bought some sock yarn for me, and it's been calling for me to cast on! The only trouble is… um... i hate to say this, but... FINDING THE NEEDLES.

See, this is my needle organization system:
Yeeeeaaah. Takumi bamboo needles, rosewood DPNs, knit lites, vintage Susan Bates circulars, all stuffed in an old padded mailing envelope. And, well, other parts of the house as well. Turns the stomach.

So, I thought, while I fish out the necessary needles for my socks, I might as well bring some order to my needle stash. I took the circulars and DPNs and put them together by size in Ziploc quart-size bags. Since the others were a little too long for my bags, and have the sizes marked on them anyway, I put them in the other container. I also put all my crochet hooks in a Ziploc bag of their own. And it just so happened that I had a clear tote that fit the Ziploc bags perfectly!
Yes, one day I'll get around to making the Most Awesome Needle Organizer Ever. I have a plan for it, believe me. But until That Day, this will do nicely.

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