Tuesday, July 21, 2009

what's on your hands?

No, I'm not talking about time on your hands, or blood on your hands, or anything like that. I just find it interesting to see what people choose to wear on their hands.

Hands are busy tools, to my way of thinking. Anything worn on my hands tends to get in my way, so it had better earn its keep by having some sort of significance. And what is significant to me varies at different phases of my life.

So as of right now, here's what you'll find on my hands, from left to right:

A silver covenant ring. It reads "I am my beloved's / my beloved is mine" referencing Song of Solomon 6:3. Chad has a matching one. We sometimes buy rings after a particularly hard time we've lived through, and this was one of those times.

My opal ring, from a flea market about 20 years ago. It is my inspiration.

My wedding band. It's not my original wedding band, and there's a story behind that. My original band and engagement ring did not match Chad's. Our rings were both gold, which we tired of. And we *ahem* 'outgrew' our rings after a few years.

Then along came 2005. That year was an onslaught for us. I think we had about 8 years' worth of life in that one year. I mentioned that we sometimes buy rings to mark the end of a tough part of our journey, so that's when we got these. They are titanium, which is virtually indestructible; it seemed appropriate. And at last, our rings match; that also seemed appropriate. I love these rings, but more than that I love my husband more than I ever have or thought I could. And as these rings remind me, it's a tried-by-fire kind of love.


maya | springtree road said...

great post!

right now i don't have any rings on my fingers. that's because i didn't wnat to snag the yarn i was winding last night.

but usually i wear either my engagement ring, wedding band, or both. i rarely wear any other jewelry.

Kim said...

Oh yeah, I rarely wear my rings when I'm working with yarn or fabric.

I should have also mentioned that you'll usually find an assortment of band-aids, scratches, scrapes and burns on my hands. As I said, they are busy tools. ;)

Amy said...

Just my engagement ring and wedding band here. Oh,and the ever-present burn because I am a very clumsy cook. ;-)

We hope to see you Friday night!

Kim said...

:D Yay! I hope so too!