Tuesday, May 26, 2009

don't try this at home

If you've read my profile, or know me at all, you know I very much dislike cleaning. Especially washing dishes. I have been known to put pretty much anything in my dishwasher that will fit, and hope for the best. So far the biggest disaster has been sand toys. (Trust me - even if they look like all the sand is off, it's NOT.)

Recently I've bought salad greens packaged in clear containers. They look like plastic, but the label says they are made of corn. I liked the size and shape to store some of my craft things.

So I put them in my trusty dishwasher.

Here's how that went:

So after much laughter, I revised my list of things to NOT put in a dishwasher:

1. Cast iron
2. Sand toys
3. Containers made of corn

Please feel free to adopt my list as your own.

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